Here's a summary of major objections to the Fairoaks Housing Estate application (SHBC18/0642 and RU.18/1615):

  • It conflicts with the relevant adopted and emerging development plans, e.g. the draft SHBC draft Local Development Plan that emerged during the summer.
  • It conflicts with national planning policy, which requires that large development in the Green Belt should only be approved in "very special circumstances".  It is a matter of record that housing need is not accepted as a VSC.
  • The benefits claimed by the applicant are generally not benefits at all, they are mitigation for the harm the development would cause.
  • The harm the applicant claims the development would cause is understated.  Together with the previous point, this means the developers' case is grossly overstated.
  • The estate would generate an enormous amount more traffic on roads that are already unacceptably congested.  The proposed new road through the site would in no way compensate for this.
  • Most of the site is open greenfield:  to put 1,000 homes on it would obviously affect the site’s openness and would harm the landscape and biodiversity.
  • The loss of the airport would harm the local economy.  The alternative airports that the applicant claims could be used instead of Fairoaks are not suitable.

Keep Fairoaks Flying