Woking Borough Council Objects to the Fairoaks Planning Application - 15th January 2019

The WBC Planning Officer’s prior recommendation was ‘no objection’, but this was comprehensively overturned at the meeting by the chair.  Omitting a few extraneous bits, his words were:

"WBC objects on the basis that it has not been demonstrated that the proposal will not have a detrimental effect on key infrastructure and facilities within the borough.... advise SHBC that WBC is NOT satisfied that there is a robust, Very Special Circumstances etc. [case], is NOT satisfied as to the impacts on local highways, schools, noise, environment, air quality, flooding, drainage, maintaining the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, and is NOT satisfied about the impact on Horsell Common and local ecology."

This was put to the meeting, and passed nem con.

Whilst this is of course excellent news, we recognise that this is an still early stage of the fight:

  1. The main basis for rejection was the lack of sufficient information, rather than objection in principle.
  2. One councillor said she agreed with the objection because the proposed housing density wasn’t enough;  she said WBC require 30-60, whereas the FGVL plan was ‘only 25’.  She quoted the Council for the Protection of Rural England in support of this.


Follow this link to view a video of the whole committee meeting, the most interesting part starts at about 1hour 25 minutes in.Video of WBC Planning Meeting Tuesday 15th Jan 2019