Here are the main points we suggest you make to your council.  It's best if you use your own words, as they will have far more weight.  We've included links for each council at the end.

Benefit to the Community

  • It conflicts with the relevant adopted and emerging development plans, e.g. the draft SHBC draft Local Development Plan that emerged during the summer.
  • The proposal would cause significant harm.  The recent changes bring no net benefit, and in fact the number of affordable homes, the amount of open space proposed, and the number of jobs created are all less than in the original application.
  • As there is no doctors' surgery included, there will be great additional strain on already-overburdened medical services.
  • Many existing businesses will be forced to close.
  • The loss of medical emergency flights will cost lives, and the siting of a replacement helipad in the middle of a housing estate would be unsafe, environmentally damaging, and economically unviable.

Traffic and Roads

  • The development will not be "self sufficient", as claimed; it will result in thousands of extra car journeys on already-congested roads.
  • The major changes proposed to the road network, e.g. banning right turns at the High Street/Chertsey Road junction in Chobham, are not workable, and would have significant knock-on impacts locally if implemented.

Green Belt & Ecology

  • The Green Belt remains a key part of Government strategy to prevent urban sprawl.  Its loss can only be justified in Very Special Circumstances, and these do not exist - measures the owners claim are VSC are simply attempts to comply with transport policy, i.e. would have to be complied with anywhere, Green Belt or not.  It is a matter of record that housing need is not accepted as a VSC.
  • The ecological damage from loss of flora, fauna and open landscape would be significant, and a SANG would not be a satisfactory substitute.

UK Aviation Network

  • Fairoaks Airport warrants protection because of its strategic importance to the UK general aviation network.  Flights lost at Fairoaks could not go elsewhere - all alternative airfields are either too expensive, too busy, surrounded by too many existing homes or have insufficient facilities.  The value of current business flights at Fairoaks has been ignored.

How to respond:

Click here for Surrey Heath BC and quote ref 18/0642.

Runnymede BC: Email your comments to, quoting ref RU.18/1615.

Woking BC has already registered their objection, but it would do no harm to let them know, too, quoting ref PLAN/2019/0925.

In all cases, you'll need to include your name and address.

If you'd like further detail, the Chobham Society has posted a very good response to the application, which you can find by clicking here.  We'll also be circulating a flyer to local households in due course setting out these key points.